Abus Ultra 410 Mini
$ 42.99
Double bolted shackle for extra protection against cutting and torsion attack. Shackle, body and supporting elements made from special temper hardened steel for cut and torsion resistance. Industry leading corrosion resistance to ensure long life. Automatic keyhole cover protects against dirt and corrosion. Standard Shackle length 9 inches Universal bracket easily mounts to round frames 15-35mm diameter
Abus Ultra 410 (9") Black
$ 44.99
The new ABUS 410 series of locks boasts the ABUS quality at a competitive price point. The Ultra 410 U-Lock has a strong and aggressive design, with a 12mm double-bolting, hardened steel shackle, a double layer wafer key cylinder and clever decoy cut-outs to foil picking. ... This lock is 9" long and over 4" wide.
Abus Granit Plus 470 - 9 Inch U / 12Mm Round Shackle
$ 99.99
With an ABUS rating of 12 (out of 15) the Granit Plus 470 offers excellent practical, urban level security for your bike. It features 12mm round parabolic shackle and a double bolting lock body and, thanks to the patented ABUS Power Cell technology, provides outstanding protection against hitting, twisting and pulling attacks. The ABUS Plus Cylinder offers a high degree of protection against picking attacks and the automatic keyhole cover adds protection against dirt and corrosion even in the coldest temperatures.
Abus Cobra Cable Lock
$ 9.99
Technology: 10 mm strong, high quality and very flexible coil cable. PVC-coating to prevent damage of the bicycle's paintworkTwo component moulded digits guarantee life-long visibility. Individually settable codeOperation and use: Good protection at low theft risk. Recommended for securing entry level bicycles and children bikes
Abus Lock Abs U 410 Std Ultra 230/170 6.5X9
$ 44.99
The Ultra Mini 410 U-Lock is compact and combines high-quality materials with intelligent locking technology. Technology: Hardened 15/32" round shackle The shackle, body and the structural parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel The special, modern design of the lock body casing allows for optimum handling High-quality locking cylinder for a high level of protection against tampering, e.g. picking Operation and use: Good protection at medium theft risk Recommended for securing good bicycles The longer the shackle, the easier the bicycle can be locked to a fixed object