Exposure Sirius Mk8 / TraceR Mk2 Headlight/Taillight Set

  • $ 210.00

Exposure - The Sirius + TraceR ReAKT Pack is the premium package with high power in a compact front light that is as at home in either a road race or lighting the urban commute and can be adapted easily with a choice of 7 programs as well as USB convenience as well as Smart Port+, allowing the addition of optional accessories including Support Cells and remote switch.

  • Ambient Kinetic Technology (ReAKT) enables the light to automatically flare under braking and when entering areas of higher ambient light to create a contrast in brightness
  • Features USB convenience and a choice of 6 burn times
  • DayBright flash pattern and side illumination for 360 degree visibility makes this an attractive package.
  • Run times 1.5-36 hrs front, 3-24 hrs rear