J&B Monkey Fingers Bungee Cord

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  • $ 4.99

Monkey Fingers Adjustable, Heavy Duty Bungee Cords -- These high quality premium bungie cords are Marine grade wrapped in braided Nylon and UV treated, which means they are rated for any outdoor or home use and won't break down, even when exposed to prolonged sunlight or salt water.

The Hooks are Adjustable and made from extremely high quality plastic and are made to withstand the toughest jobs. Adjust the hooks from 60 inches all the way down to 6 inches for use in a variety of jobs -- and that means not having to fumble around in a bag full of bunji cords for the right size. The 72 inch bungee adjusts from 6 inches to 120 inches.

Ideal for any Job, especially odd or bulky items. They are rated to withstand the roughest jobs and materials you can throw at them--yet patented hook technology ensures they won't damage more delicate items.

Monkey Fingers Adjustable Bungie Cords come with pledge that they will stay hardworking for years. Covered by our superior materials and quality craftsmanship, these will be the best bunji cords you will ever own!

> HEAVY DUTY CORD is made of High Strength Marine-grade rubber wrapped in braided Nylon -- a crazy strong material. Good for the toughest jobs whether at work, at home, at the farm, or on the lake. Rated to withstand prolonged exposure sunlight and saltwater, unlike basic bungee cords.
> CORROSION RESISTANT UV coated to withstand prolonged sunlight and weather exposure. Put them to the test. When securing a valuable load, don't take a chance on a bargain bungee.
> ULTRA STRONG Patented Hooks are made from high grade ultra strong plastic. Not the cheap bungee cord hooks of yesteryear. These bungees are made and rated to withstand the toughest work, yet won't scratch or damage more delicate items.
> FLEXIBLE. One size fits all. Eliminates the need for multiple bungee cord sizes. Adjustable from 60 inches to 6 inches. Fits any job and adjusts in seconds. Never go searching for the right size bungee again.