SDG Allure Ti-Alloy Rail Saddle

  • $ 89.99

The SDG Allure Women's Saddle is anatomically designed for women, forgiving and comfortable and is ideal for all female specific disciplines. Choosing the correct saddle is the most important decision when building your perfect ride, the right fit allowing for hours freedom not cursing your sit bones. The flat forward platform allows for ease of movement while the down curved nose aids in climbing and prevents snagging. The full cut-out provides soft tissue relief for hours of pain free riding. Trails or road, numbness will not be a problem with the Allure.

-Flat forward platform allows ease of movement on the saddle
-Down curved nose aids in climbing and prevents snagging
-Full cut out provides soft tissue relief
-Plush light weight PU foam

-Length: 265mm
-Rail Size: 7 x 7mm (Standard)
-Rail Material: Titanium Alloy
-Cover Material: Synthetic
-Gender: Women
-Color: Black/White
-Weight: 260g