Shimano Xt M786-Gs 10-Speed

  • $ 97.99

Featuring Shimano's innovative Shadow clutch technology, the Deore XT rear derailleur is designed for today's aggressive style of trail and all-mountain riding. By maintaining chain tension, the Shadow system eliminates chain slap and lowers the chances of dropping your chain. Other improvements include reduced noise and rotational drag as well as a low-profile pulley cage for better clearance over harsh terrain. Why choose an XT derailleur over a cheaper derailleur? Built for heavy duty and long life in demanding trail conditions, the XT's overall linkage is stiffer and has a more machined construction, increasing durability and stiffness, which also increases shift quality. The pulleys are also of a higher quality, and spin easier for less drivetrain drag. The whole derailleur is built to exacting standards and will last significantly longer than a cheaper derailleur as well.

-Compatible with 10 speed drivetrains
-Uses Shadow derailleur clutch
-Low profile pulley cage
-Weight: 258g