Teravail Cannonball Tire

  • $ 55.00

We designed the Cannonball to be a first-choice gravel racing tire. From the Belgian Waffle Ride to Trans Iowa to the Mid-South, Cannonball has helped countless riders through challenging experiences and fostered deep connections with the terrain in these places. The directional, tight-knit center tread efficiently decreases rolling resistance while the side knobs increase cornering traction. The center tread’s diamond pattern is optimized specifically for gravel riding and sheds dirt and gravel debris. The new 650b size ads more volume for increased comfort and added traction.

Cannonball is a go-to gravel race tire for normal conditions. The tread pattern features a directional, tight-knit center tread that sheds dirt and debris to decrease rolling resistance, and side knobs for effective cornering traction. Cannonball is built for all-around gravel riders and racers.

-Center lugs are raised and ramped for rolling efficiency; the diamond-shaped lugs squeeze in for grip as they contact dirt, then back out to shed debris.
-Transitions lugs are spaced out and vary in height to boost traction.
-L-shaped side lugs dig in for grip while braking through corners, but roll quickly when off the brakes.

The Teravail Cannonball tyres are everything I could ask for in a gravel bike tyre – adequately fast on road, grippy in mud and sand, and dependable and confidence-inspiring on all types of dirt and gravel.