Trainer and Trailer Adaptor Kit

  • $ 49.95


Our thru axle conversion kit can replace the original thru axle on most mountain bikes, to allow for trainer usage. This kit will also allow the installation of a Copilot trainer hitch for most thru axle bikes as well. Works on bikes with 1.0 OR 1.75 thread pitches, and hub widths from 135-148mm.
HOW TO CHOOSE - Choosing the correct axle is simple.
First, research which axle spacing your bike utilizes (135,
142 or 148mm). Next, choose the correct thread pitch by
either comparing your thread spacing to the thread scale
on our packaging

  • M12 X 1.0MM & M12 X 1.5MM
  • Fits Shimano E-Thru
  • Fits DT Swiss E-Thru