Featuring a curated selection of bikes from some of the most reputable brands in the industry, Ascent Cycles can outfit any customer for northwest riding conditions. 

We proudly stock bikes from the following brands: 

Santa CruzCutting-edge bikes for riders the demand the best. Santa Cruz builds bikes by hand in the USA and cuts no corners in their pursuit of the perfect riding machine. 

KonaWith a well earned reputation for outside the box design and durable construction, Kona builds some of our most popular models. From the venerable Jake cyclocross bikes to the category-defying Process line, Kona bikes are fun, stylish, and get the job done at a reasonable price.   

Swiss based Scott Sports has been a lScotteader in cutting edge bike design since the late 1980's. We stock their fully-featured Genius and Voltage mountain bikes, as well as their Sub line of hybrid city bikes.    

TransitionRider owned and operated since it's founding, Bellingham based Transition was started to address the unique needs of Northwest mountain bikers.  We order and build Transition bikes on an on-demand basis. 


Used Bikes - True to our roots as a used gear shop, we continue to feature a collection of used bikes so that we can outfit customers at all budgets. If you'd like to trade your bike in for store credit, please bring it down to the shop for an estimate.