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Jagwire 4Mm Sport Derailleur Housing With Slick-Lube Liner 50M File Box
$ 119.99
Sport brake housing packs high performance features into a colorful and durable package, making it a functional and aesthetic upgrade. Slick-Lube lined housing reduces friction for faster cable movement and better shifting performance Linear strand construction for compressionless performance Appropriate for Teflon® coated cables as well as steel and galvanized 4.0mm outer diameter solid colors; 4.5mm OD braided colors
Jagwire 5mm Pro Compressionless Brake Housing w/ Slick-Lube Liner 10M Roll Black
$ 59.99
Pro Compressionless brake housing eliminates flex from cable actuated braking systems, increasing power and improving lever feel. Slick-Lube lined housing reduces friction for snappier cable movement Kevlar reinforced housing resists flex to improve power, especially on bikes that require full length cable housing
Origin8 Inline Barrel Adjuster Kit
$ 7.99
In-line cable tension adjusters Indexed fine-tuning allows you to feel each "click" of adjustment and prevents loosening from vibration Fits cable housing without ferrules
Jagwire Tube Tops 5G Frame Protectors For Brake Or Shift Housing,Bag/4
$ 10.99
Jagwire Tube Tops cover housing or hydraulic hose to protect a frame’s finish from scratches and keep noise to a minimum. Mini Tube Tops slide on during installation, while 5G Tube Tops snap on at any time.
Jagwire Pro 5Mm Brake Indexed Inline Cable Tension Adjuster Pair
$ 16.99
Sport Indexed Inline Adjusters Indexed shift adjustment Fits 4.0mm or 4.5mm housing with end caps Includes two 50mm lengths of 4mm shift housing with end caps Not recommended for use with brake systems
Jagwire Mountain Pro Disc Brake Hydraulic Hose Quick-Fit Adaptor for Shimano XTR, XT, SLX, Saint, Zee, and Alfine
$ 19.99
Mountain Pro Quick-Fit kits allow the easy installation of Jagwire hose with Shimano disc brakes. Kits contain enough hardware for both front and rear brakes Requires Jagwire Mountain Pro Universal Disc Brake Hose Kit for installation Compatible with XTR M9020, M9000, M988, M987, M985 Compatible with Saint M820 Compatible with XT M8000, M785, T785 Compatible with SLX M675, M666, M7000