With over fifty years of collective experience, the service team at Ascent Cycles has the ability to meet the diverse demands of all of our customers. We breathe life into frame-up bike builds, and revive hard working daily commuters. All of it is essential, and no job is too big or small; from flat fixes to suspension service, we're proud of our work!

As a full-service bike shop, we can perform any work your bike may need, short of welding your frame. Below is a list of some of the services we regularly perform and estimates of their prices:

Mini Tune / Safety Check - $60 - Includes minor derailleur and brake adjustments. Chain lubrication. Inflation of tires. Inspection for road worthiness and safety. 

- Standard Tune - $90 - Includes comprehensive brake and derailleur adjustments. Wheel truing. Bearing Adjustments. Tire inflation. Chain lubrication. Checking torque of critical nuts and bolts, inspection for roadworthiness and safety. Our bicycle tunes are comprehensive, and prioritize both safety and function. We recognize the constraints of time and expense and work with our customers to find solutions that match their budget and timeline. 

- Full Tune - $140 - Includes all of the above tune up packages. Full drivetrain cleaning in professional solvent tank and additional attention to components in need of this level of service. 

- Pro Build/Frame Up Bike Build - $250 - Includes consultation and final fitting. 

- Labor Rate - $60/Hr - Additional, or à la carte service, is billed at our hourly labor rate. This includes frame-up bike builds, custom wheel builds, and suspension service. 

While we do our best to diagnose problems over the phone, all of our estimates are written in person after a conversation with you about your needs and goals.